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05.02.2021 , 05:35 AM | #8
now that most people me included intend to get those 10,000 tech fragments for rpm/oem exchange, the cap of exactly 10,000 is huge problem. since i aim to get exactly 10,000 and cannot go over the cap i CONSTANTLY find myself in situations where i cannot loot tech fragments from bosses because it would put me "over" the cap over which i already cannot go over - but it also cannot be adjusted when looting. so every time boss drops 80 fragments for example and i am at 9,921 i cannot loot the boss because of the stupid cap. at such moments it should be adjusted that i loot whatever i can - 79 fragments up to 10,000 and not that im unable to loot all of it.

REMOVE THE TECH FRAGMENT 10,000 CAP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
give us 15,000 or just 100,000 like we had with warzone comms while back.