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06.07.2021 , 06:47 PM | #139
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the gameplay experiance/warzone quality of 15 players triumphs the rage of 1
oh. you can make a case for the debuff. it doesn't much affect me one way or the other. but the idea that 15 others would stay is a line of ****. and 1) there's no magic metric for that. however, 2) if there were, it would show that a hell of a lot more than ONE person left WZs either at the beginning, middle or end. so that idea that 1 person is ruining 15 other persons' experience is quite a load of ****.

that they aren't leaving nearly as frequently can be objectively observed (in the metrics not personal exp). it would also support my (patently obvious) argument that well more than 1 in 16 players wants to leave.