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1. Beta isn't enough to test servers.
2. Early Access is new beta.
3. I didn't pay for early access, I paid for pre order.
4. Bioware managed to invent new system to avoid queues, on servers.
5. Now you have to wait in queue for game activation.
6. New system apparently fails to provide eta.
7. Pre Ordering game doesn't grant you access to early access.
8. Pre Ordering game puts you in a queue that's been there for half a year.
9. Early Access is a Gift.
10. Bioware knows how many people are in queue, how many people they let in, what days those people were let in. however they're unable to provide ETA.
11. I was an idiot for trusting bioware.

I'm not pissede because I have to wait. I'm pissed because I wasn't informed I'll have to wait, and they don't want to tell me how long I might have to wait.

K, **** bioware and tor, gonna play something on my console, ain't gonna waste any more time on this game. I've lost all my faith in company, not because they've created a crappy game, but because they've scammed me with their marketing and they don't even care about giving me proper eta.
Good. The fewer there are of over-reacting types like you there are in the game, the better.