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12.13.2011 , 10:26 AM | #2240
So far seems like things are going smooth. I am still waiting for my code and I doubt I will see it today thanks to Game Stop's screw up but hey thats the why the cookie crumbles.

I understand they can't tell use when to expect an invite for obvious reasons. They don't know. They are sending invites out based on how the servers are doing. They may send them out ahead of schedule or behind schedule based on server status.

It would be nice if in the post updates telling us what wave they are on if they could say what date range that covers, ie. First wave out Half of 8/21 codes invited. 2nd Wave out Rest of 8/21 and part of 8/22 invited. This lets us know at least where they are at and gives us a better idea of when our time approaches. I hope they see this post in the flood of of other posts.