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The problem is not whether ranked players asked for a lockout or whether reg players were doing so as well. The issue is that bioware looked at the data available to them and came to the wrong conclusions. Lots of players leaving a match does hurt the quality of that match. Rather than punishing players (which inevitably hurts players who didn't intend to leave), bioware should have fixed the reasons for leaving. They should have removed queshball, vandin, and opg without adding the lockout and looked at the data after a month or two. The quit rate would have dropped dramatically just from that. Then they could have looked at the quit rate and seen the following:

1) players more likely to leave when getting the same map x number of times in a short period
2) players more likely to leave when matched with/against the same players x number of times in a short period
3) players more likely to leave after losing x number of times in a row

I know for me, the only reasons I'll leave by choice are if I pop into my 4th huttball in a short span or if I'm matched with the same really bad players more than 2 or 3 times in a row.

My 3rd example is the most intriguing. I'd bet half my in game credits that people who leave warzones the most have lower than average win rates.
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