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Speaking of elitists ....
I was in a MM Blood Hunt last night. As soon as we zoned in, the Tank left. So we re-queued and proceeded to clear the trash to the first boss.
After an amazingly short wait we got a new Tank. Things were going well enough. BH is always tough but we did OK, killing the first boss with no wipes. But the tank said in chat something about how we wouldn't have enough DPS for the 3rd boss. OK - ignore a move on. The other DPS suggested it might be because he was only in 290s.
During the part where you do the 3 "challenges" the tank went off by himself at one point, but still no deaths, no wipes.

At Joss and Valk, the first time, the Healer got tossed over the edge and we wiped. (I didn't see it, so no details.)
During the second attempt, at a point where Valk joined the fight, (after the beasts, when it's Joss and Valk together) she caught both of us DPS off guard and knocked us both off before we could react.
The tank started to mouth off again and the 290 DPS decided it was his fault and he should leave, even though getting knocked off had nothing to do with his gear level.
The Tank started to say something about how things should go better now, but I said, "no, because I don't like to group with ******es" and then I left too.

Bottom line - yes, maybe the other dps wasn't the best, but the Healer was doing fine and we were progressing quite well and every indication was that we would complete the FP just fine. But, I guess we just weren't 'leet' enough for the tank. 🙄
It's worth pointing out here that the third boss of Blood Hunt MM has no enrage timer, as far as I'm aware - at least, I've never in my life seen a group hit it, and I have healed for some very low-dps BH MM groups. I believe that only the first boss has an enrage timer, and it is very forgiving at this point in the game's life cycle.

High damage does help on the second boss because of how difficult it is for some tanks to handle both bosses at the same time in the final phase. If dps burn Jos before the tank and heals get overwhelmed, the fight becomes very easy. But a good tank and healer can handle that fight regardless of dps level. In reality, that fight is about positioning, as you found out.

Bad positioning is, in theory, the easiest thing to fix in an FP. You're not micromanaging someone else's rotation, and you're not magically raising their item rating, you're just telling them where to stand and move. But bad positioning, in my experience, is also one of the things that weaker players are most resistant to changing. No matter how polite and nonconfrontational your advice is, a large portion of players with bad positioning just will not improve. Perhaps they lack situational awareness, or they get too overwhelmed by their rotation to think about moving when they need to, or maybe they simply don't really care. This is why Jos/Valk and Project Sav-Rak are such pug killers: they are fights that require specific movements at specific times.

Don't get me wrong: that tank sounds like a jerk and leaving the group sounds like the healthy response. But, having suffered through players who could not stand in the right spots to save their lives, I am at least a little sympathetic for the annoyance the tank must have felt. Then again, if so many people were getting KBed off the edge, maybe the tank was fighting in the wrong spot.
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This is why I am hesitant to try MM. I am in a small guild and I am the only person online when I play because of the time zone so there's no way to practice. I don't want to be yelled at in MM because it's more difficult to form a group.
MM groups are typically more forgiving than vet groups, because vet gf has far more people who are just in it to speedrun for tech frags, but it's important to let people know that you're new at the start of the FP, so they know that they need to walk you through things. I say "more" forgiving because there are plenty of people who get aggro about speeding through MMs, too - there are just fewer of them than there are in vets.
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