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07.13.2020 , 03:55 AM | #9916
In my case, it's probably me that's the evil guy/noob, but whatever:

Yesterday on the 10000th Taral V run (I have no idea why this always pops in GF), one guy told us at the beginning of the run, that it's his first run and he apologizes if he screws anything up. I am not too experienced myself but I respond with it's not a problem at all just have fun. Now unfortunately we picked one elitist that wanted to break a world record on how fast we can finish, skipped a boss entirely and 99% of mobs. Now of course this is alright, everyone is a speed runner now, but the new player could hardly keep up and pulled some groups occasionally. Every time he did, the other party member responded with ("omg..." , "...........", "???", "AGAIN???").

This made me angry and on the last long cutscene conversation I made sure to watch all of it and let my response time out.

Be more friendly to new players guys!!!!!
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