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04.05.2018 , 04:19 AM | #52
Ne’laa, as good as this guide is, it is very long for some people to take-in because they are easily distracted
Swtorista put all the swtor guides into a thread and it is great to see your one is at the top of the pvp section.

What would really help though is if you could a seperate guide that just has the Warzones and Arena section in it describing the tactics and how they work.
I’ve found that your explanations and tactics to be more advanced than the most of the other guides, but people are using the more basic tactics that are shown in the videos and I’ve even been told to L2P when using similar tactics to yours. I believe this is because your guide is a bit too long to compete against the YouTube vids. People just do t have the time or attention span to read through a big guide. I know you have a menu for them to click, it’s shame they don’t use it.

I think if you could just copy paste that section into its own guide and then Swtorista could put it at the top of the “PVP Warzone Types” section as well.

Anyway, your guide is great. I wish more people would take the time to read it. I’ve put it in my signature for that specific reason