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Glad to be of service buddy. I learned so much from watching other people's videos. At one point I think I watched every video on Drakolich's channel. His is another channel worth watching if you haven't already, even though he hasn't updated it in some time. Now that he is back be might resume his excellent analyses videos too

As far as power management is concerned, its just practice. Most of my key binds are default. I have my up and down strafes on the mouse, along with my quick looks. But I still use F1,F2,F3 for power management. It was tricky at first but you get used to it. Even once I had power management down, I found it tricky to bank my Scout and change power modes at the same time. Something you don't really get with Strikes. At times if I am flying without feeling 100% you can still see I don't bank my Scout that well, and that is because of the speed at which you need to switch power and bank, constantly back and forth with your fingers. But again its just practice. Some days you get frustrated as things seem too hard, then the next day it just clicks and it all comes together.

When you talk about how I approach Gunships? I'm guessing you mean not coming at them head on in a straight line? That's so huge, and so simple. But so many people don't realize it. Just do an exaggerated manual barrel roll, and they can't hit you. At close range if you strafe too, it again makes you hard to hit. When you fly a Gunship, you learn what they can and can't do. This is why people should fly all classes, even if they don't like certain ships. One, they might find out they actually do like them (I used to hate Gunships) and two, you learn how to better counter them.
yeah, watch maybe all of 'em, back then, I can actually be seen in a couple of them, don't play that character any more, don't recall if it was just seeing me fly by in the camera view, of just cannon odder, but I was in it

my biggest problem using the F keys, so many times I hit the 3 key and not f3, so many unwanted Self destructs
the thumb buttons cured that, but hey even tho it's not something you said, it was something you made me think how to fix the problem

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When you talk about how I approach Gunships? I'm guessing you mean not coming at them head on in a straight line? .
yup pretty much, it hadn't dawn on me (right away) that most gunship pilots are so tunnel vision, it is easy to just come from the side. With my UI changed to see the mini map easier, I can see someone trying to flank me, and keep an eye on victim . . er target
I am not a fan of the gun ship, only for one reason, I deal with too much latency. It's a frustrating moment, to shoot a fully charged slug , hit your target, on my screen, but they take no damage.
also think my mouse is worn, sometimes the gun fires on it's own, and I hadn't lifted a finger