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04.17.2021 , 02:56 PM | #6
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That was the hope, that others would learn from it as well as the subject pilot. If you're able to record your flying and want a video reviewed I'd be happy to do that for you.
I'm able to record, but
I deal with a lot of Latency and Lag (part of the time), mostly depends , if there is only half the slots filled or every slot is.
My damage score reflects when I am dealing with those issues, I'll be lucky to break 15k damage, which is half of my average damage , frustrating when I see my damage low like that, sometimes I barely break 6k damage, but then again, it' may just be as hard to hit me as well

One thing I like to comment on, was the placement of the target thingy. till I watched your commentary of one of your own games, it showed me one of my gripes, being able to see their buffs and cool-downs, glancing up trying to focus where the default spot is, sometimes got me killed.
I keep forgetting to fix that, since now I see the benefit of it's location.