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06.02.2021 , 11:18 AM | #98
Oh geez, how I didnt think of that? lol

If you must know, I don't have disconnect issues, maybe sometimes, like most of people. But my friends can have a disconnect problem too and that makes it a group problem. You know, friends? Multiplayer game? :P

Also, if you even play pvp you know there are bug inside the warzones that can force you to get out of it.

The disconnect is not the main problem of the lockout, just one. These points have been mentioned everywhere.

"Is regs". If someone has a disconnect problem and leaves a match is not the end of the world for an ops group formed by 8 players. This is an opinion from a player who likes regs , plays a lot of regs, and plays to win. So , yea. Remove the lockout in regs, keep it for ranked.