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While what EAware has done to the APAC players is disgusting and deceitful, it mostly impacts players on the Western US servers. The UK and us Eastern US players wont see much of a drop off at all and with the consolidation of servers, we'll only see an increase in pops.

No one is forcing players to group up of play PvP or Ops but this is a multi player game and people are paying for a mutli player experience. The studio is also focusing on multi player content so they would also like pops to happen at a reliable pace. If there is a problem with that, then there is indeed a problem with the genre because the studio isnt spending money on creating RP or solo content at this time.

Not talking about Everrgreen specifically but why do the anti merger people have to be so salty? Merges are happening, they were inevitable and probably should have happened years ago. Theres no need to act as if the pro merger crowd are somehow shooting themselves in the foot for any reason, because they're not. Its going to be good for the population and for queues of the new content.
You imply that a "Multi-player experience" is only pvp/ops. Thinking the game is only about one way to play is not accurate. RP is also a multiplayer experience, inviting to group in order to kill off Valen Korik at the sith temple - then disbanding to do other things is also a multiplayer experience, doing quests solo with others running around you doing the quest or other stuff is also a multi-player experience - just having other people around you in the game at the same time is a multiplayer experience. Therefore I and others like me are ALSO PAYING for a multiplayer experience!!!

My response before was to the closed-end, adamant, merge-pro pvp-ers who are putting others down and effectively saying get out - this isn't the game for you, which is the kind of juvenile, self-absorbed, nonsense thinking that should be called out for what it is.

That being said, I don't begrudge the East Coast players their fun. I'm in the West, but mostly play on East Coast servers just because I like the vibe better. Ping rate never (well almost never) bothered me. The times I pvp'd (for DvsL event) the lag was so bad it was misery just trying to move around (I don't know if that's ping rate or not). I will probably que for pvp this month to get the companion. I don't care if I win or not which means whoever gets me on their group is not going to be happy. There will most probably be West Coast people from BC and Bastion who can't stand Harb who will level chars on SF as an alternative. What will they have to lose since all the servers are on the East Coast now? If they que to group then East Coast players will also have to suffer their presence because of their higher ping rate.

In the end I think we actually agree - ppl should not put others down for their feelings/opinions on the merges. There was not a lot of good analysis by players who thought merges would be one thing and they will get another because they did not have the information needed to judge adequately. Don't blame the anti-merge crowd for their disappointment about it. No one has to post on these forums, that includes people who don't like other's position about the merges. To those who only want to connect with others who feel good about it, make a merge-positive <3<3<3 only thread if that will stoke your coals.

Oh well, I've said my piece and counted to three. I'm glad that at least I can play vanilla for a bit longer. I hope the increase in population will not totally make it unpleasant enough to go elsewhere.