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Quality is irrelevant. The point is that I can buy ANY commodity with money. The only variable is how efficiently I earn the money required to buy a particular item.

From a developer perspective, having people playing my game would be the only objective, whether they are constantly chasing the moving end-game goalposts or repetitively grinding other content. As long as they are paying and playing, there's no reason to prohibit them from eventually being able to purchase in-game items to further their own goals.

NOTHING in the real world prevents me from buying a Ferrari except whether I have enough cash on hand to do it. No one cares where the cash comes from. If I go to buy a Ferrari, they don't refuse to sell it to me because I made my money in a long, tedious way rather than by doing some activity that they arbitrarily demand.
gaming isnt about cash.. ty for proving my point.
u have to play the game (decently) to get the coolest stuff.. always been always will be