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03.26.2021 , 02:48 PM | #90
Were you able to find the Galactic Seasons page?
Yes, it took a little bit of poking around but it wasn't that hard to find.

Were you able to locate your Galactic Seasons Priority Objectives in the Galactic Seasons screen?
Yes. The priority objectives on the Galactic Seasons screen were easy to find.

In the Conquest screen there is a list of tentative Daily and Weekly Priority Objectives. These are all denoted as "PO: Name". What feedback do you have regarding the current list of objectives?
While most of the objectives were rather well selected, it was confusing trying to figure out which ones gave credit and which ones did not. Unfortunately my conquest screen did not have any objectives pinned to the top so it was pretty hard to identify the right objectives. I really think that having a separate tab for Galactic Seasons objectives would be preferable.

How do you feel about the cadence and points offered in GS?
As a subscriber I think that there are enough points available that people can play the game as they wish and the catch-up system means that people will not lose out on rewards just because they had a particularly busy week or month at work.

What other general feedback would you would like to tell us?
There really need to be more Galactic Season tokens available. I know you don't want people just snapping up all the rewards then being done with it but the vendor offers about 65 tokens worth of goods, many of which are season 1 exclusive and the reward track only offers a total of 12 for both Free and Sub tracks. That is only enough for me to get one Fleet Stronghold and two weapons or one missed sub companion. I feel like that if people are going to dedicate the time and effort to actually complete all 100 levels, they are going to expect that they can at least get all the season 1 exclusive rewards. I'm not sure what good a weekly rotation for a portion of the items would be if people can only choose 2 or 3 rewards from the list every 5 months.

With that being said, I really like the idea and basic structure of Galactic Seasons as it provides a set of desired rewards for both f2p and subs that does not affect gameplay in the slightest. While it may resemble some of the pay-to-win reward systems in other games, this is purely cosmetic fluff that provides assistance to players in the only true endgame of SWTOR (Space Barbie).