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Galactic officer counterpart.
I have presented to you the Galactic Officer. Now his counterpart for force user.

The Force fighter (jedi / sith depending your side).
Works like the Galactic Officer, will have the ability to Heal , DPS or Tank depending on you choice.
You'll have the ability to switch lightsaber style. (One handed , two Lightsaber or 2 handed)
The common attacks will be a mix of saber attacks and force powers.
As a jedi on the field the character will have an impact on either allies or ennemies (much like the Officer).
He will be able to tank as a guardian if he choose to. Being a mix of sentinel and guardian (still have the force powers).
As a DPS he will be a very good mix of Force Powers and saber attacks.
As a Heal he will be able to heal from close distance or long distance and able to choose of either he will Heal and fight or just Heal.

This class is trying to be an "all -around" jedi. More versatile. Boosting regular troopers and all.

Storywise we have already explain that the Officer will be enlisted in the republic/Empire army and be on Onderon for the War (New common Starting Planet for character starting level 60). This class will have the same story , as a Jedi/sith fighter you'll help your side during the War on Onderon. I'll explain the War on Onderon story on another post.