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I'm not sure why people jump to the conclusion that the issue was SWG and SWTOR were going to crowd each other out.

Raph Koster, the creative director behind SWG, has a pretty great article/postmortem on the game called Did Star Wars Galaxies Fail? (

By Koster's own admission, though the game had decent success over the entire course of its life, a series of errors damaged the game to a point it became unviable:

The game wasnít doing as badly as people seem to think. It didnít fail in the market. It did just fine, even by the standards pre-WoW. But there were huge expectations that we didnít push against, it launched with serious problems, and the team wasnít really equipped to fix them. This resulted in a series of errors that damaged the gameís ongoing viability, which resulted in more hurried changes...

Plenty of the choices made, or the omissions, were my decision; in that sense, SWG didnít fail. I failed it.
He was supposed to have a post-mortem at GDC last year, actually, about SWG, but it seems to not have happened due to COVID.

Anyway, to the point:

SWG was old, outdated, relatively unpopular, and had a dwindling playerbase significantly smaller than SWTOR at its lowest point.
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