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The inevitable competition opens the possibility for a SWTOR vs SWG situation, where one game essentially usurps the market of the other.

Personally, I think this is a VERY good thing for this game. It will force EA to either dedicate more resources to making this game better toward attracting and retaining more players, or face the possibility of losing us to a competitor studio/publisher that makes an even better SWTOR 2.0 (or whatever it ends up being called). Essentially, EA can no longer afford to keep this game on the backburner while it funnels resources and revenue to other projects, assuming they want to keep this game active and profitable.
I always believed there was room for both SWTOR and SWG, since they were two different styles of MMORPG (themepark versus sandbox) and two different Star Wars eras (old republic versus galactic civil war.) We already know Ubisoft is working on an open world game set in an era "long requested" but that could mean anything from Sims-like to a Destiny/Anthem-like to an MMORPG. Those distinctions can help maintain revenue for SWTOR and subsequent projects.

There's also the consideration of different platforms. Many games can be easily ported to console, like Jedi Fallen Order or the Battlefront games. But aside from DC Universe Online and Final Fantasy 11 and 14, I'm not aware of any MMORPGs that are on Playstation, and I don't know of any PC-based MMORPGs that are on mobile devices. Opening up the development pool to different studios can allow some studios to focus on the mobile market, some on consoles, and some on PCs.
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