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I would love to read your statistics on that.

But that takes us back to the chicken and egg situation. Games that are targeted at the male straight gamer will most likely have the male straight gamer as their key fanbase. As David Gaider has put it so eloquently: "Game companies should stop treating 47% of players as an added bonus".

I kind of dig the man.
That's the thing, if you concentrate on the "majority" because they're your typical buyers (because they've always been your typical buyers) then of course the minority isn't going to get anything and of course they'll stay the minority and eventually disappear, because they'll stop buying your product and you aren't catering to them.

If straight, white cis-men are the largest audience and you only target straight, white cis-men then of course only straight white cis-men are going to buy the game and everyone is a minority.

It's stupid to say you want a product everyone can enjoy, then only target a very narrow group.