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Pondering an idea? The poster indicated that "[They'd] like to see representation...". I'm VERY interested in what they mean by that statement in terms of execution. Are we talking about a completely new gender class? Are we talking about removing the gender class and clothing restrictions? Are we talking about simple verbal/text acknowledgements of the existence of these groups and allowing each player to use their imagination with respect to their own (and other) characters?

I lack hostility on such matters, and I'm not going to apologize to anyone for jumping from pondering an idea to pondering an execution.
I wasn't asking for Bioware to do it in this game, as to me to do it properly one would require three stages of basic character creation, which would require an over-haul of the current system, which would not be feasible of Star Wars: The Old Republic, nor something necessarily warranted.

As to execution? Isn't good I have such an active imagination?

First Stage:
Biological Sex - Female, Male or Intersex

Second Stage:
Gender - Female, Male, Agender or Bigender (and perhaps Gender-fluid, but I've not done any reading on Queer Theory or Gender Studies to be able to define gender-fluid adequately)

Third Stage:
Gender Presentation - This is where the idea becomes more nuanced and would require more research on my part, but would cover what clothes you wear and which pronouns you prefer to be called, if that's not part of the Second Stage)

Also, gender class restrictions? There aren't any in this game - each gender can be each class. Gender clothing restrictions (and presentations) should be loosened anyway - I like the bandage effect of some of the robes that male characters get to wear, but on female characters these bandages are mysteriously absent.