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02.13.2019 , 08:29 AM | #10
This is absolutely outrageous. I hate PVP and Ops. I understand that Ops have a trophy decoration associated with them and that's fantastic. Let the Ops people who also decorate have something to show off.

But adding several more types of currencies was a bad idea...

And forcing roleplayers and decorators to jump into PVP and Ops, where many of us are going to mess up the team because we don't enjoy doing it and don't have the right gear for it... that's a major mistake.

I was already frustrated that the Ossus decorations bind on aquire. My group is stuck doing Free For All or some other slower looting option so that the people who never decorate don't get a big chunk of the deco drops. (Yes, I know some people have been very lucky with deco drops, but some of us have been doing dailies almost daily and don't have even one of all the potential random drops yet.)

After all the bugs and BS we've had to put up with lately, making our in-game lives harder is a really dumb move.
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