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Hence why a scale, 50k,,,100k....150k etc., makes sense.
50k conquest points was super easy to get since if you compleet lets tell the tython heroic mission and after that you compleet the coruscant heroic's you got fast 50k conquest points.
same go's for the imp side also.
and compleet the bonus missions also and you have 50k conquest points all.
same if you go to a planet like Section X and compleet 1 daily mission you get all more then 50K conquest points.

the 100k conquest points is also easy to get but its not that super easy any more that you can run it with a few heroic's more.

Quote: Originally Posted by MystyqeofXev View Post
Never understood players arguing against rewards.

As one who has multiple alts, I fully support those who have chosen to play a single toon (for whatever reason), but feel stifled by the limited rewards they receive versus the rewards garnered by folks who have a different style.
i own 19 chars.
8 from then i play with on a normale base and there are all from the same 4 th class i play but have all 8 a diffrend story in the game more.
3 are my sellers where i sell stuff on the GTN.
2 are crafters where i craft mods i use from.
1 char i use to store all my legacy stuff on i get from the Daily login what i not need yet like exp boosters and so.
2 chars i have use to compleet only chapter 2 with it to get there buff unlockt.
2 chars are waiting for the next expension and only save there nickname's i wane use after 7.0 is live so soon i play on 10 chars total more.
and my last char i have left is only for the personal cargo bay.

and you have players that play on more chars and have also more accounts there play on so its there own style.

what i also see in the OP idea is that it has the same thing what we got in the game few years ago with the companions.
that we all got force by bioware that we cant chance the style from the companion for exemple: i remember good that Kira Carsen companion for the jedi knight class was on Damage setting and you cant chance it to Tank or heal.
and that Tharan Cedrax for the Jedi Consular class was a healer only.
so it suxs for a lot off players that only wane use there Favoriete companions but not can chance it from Damage to healer and from Healer to damage back then.