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In the last 24 hours there was official announcements that Everquest Next has been cancelled. Add to that Wildstar has laid off almost all of their dev department and cancelled a planned move into the China market. Unless Wildstar has a successful release on Steam it will be shut down (if it lasts that long). All in all not a good news day for mmorpg lovers.

The problem we face is that today's gamer has become transient. Fewer and fewer players have become dedicated to one title and will drift from game to game, genre to genre. Add to that the plethora of titles out there in the market and more being released in the near future (Crowfall, Camelot Unchained etc) and it getting harder and harder for game companies to keep a loyal player base.

What has this got to do with swtor? My belief is that the day this game stops being profitable, EA will shut it down a nanosecond later.

I love this game. I play multiple mmos but this has been my number 1 favorite since it launched. I've always been a loyal subscriber and regularly buy cartel packs (even the recent bad ones) just to do my bit to keep the game afloat. I know there is a portion of forum posters on here who are anxious to see this game die for whatever reason. But for everyone else I encourage you to put you money where your mouth is and support this game else we will lose it.
Or the developers, designers and management could go out of there way to ensure they are pandering to majority of the community in what they want in this game.

Are they doing that now? Who knows, they may very well be and it may only be the minority who are disillusioned.

I do know one thing for a fact though - focusing on story and completely ignoring end game raiding was a far worse idea than ensuring both got attention. Whether or not it was practical for them to be able to do both or a short sighted error in judgement ... we'll never know.