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My take on the Lightsaber absorbing Lightning is completely a theory, but it makes sense to me...

I believe that it's Tutaminis, and that Tutaminis is acting like a conduit, You can take it into yourself and re-release it, or take it full stop. If you take it and absorb it, it's still painful. I believe this is what Yoda did during his duel with Dooku, he took the Lightning into his hands, and then made the decision to send it back and Kill Dooku, or withdraw, and absorb it. He absorbed it.

He did the Opposite against Sidious.

I believe where the lightsaber comes in, is that absorbing it with a lightsaber does not inflict pain or damage, just gives power to the blade. It's my opinion that in his duel with Dooku, Kenobi used this technique, because he couldnt handle Dooku's power alone, and Sidious' lightning was too much in his duel with Windu, when his sheer power began to overload the blade.
I agree with this.
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