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I received a reply to an email I sent to which apparently was sent on to Customer Service for a response.

First off, it was decidedly not a canned answer (I did receive an answer at the same time which was canned, in game as if in reply to a ticket, from someone else entirely who pointed me at the Suggestion Box forum, but I digress). The CS Rep who replied by email was at pains to reassure me that same-gender content is still very much on-track for future implementation and apologized that she could not be any more specific.

Here is an excerpt of that email. The bold font is my own emphasis of points I think worth noting especially:

We do appreciate your concerns and value you your suggestions on this topic, and we want to assure you that these concerns are actively being looked into because it is something we will be incorporating into the game.

We encourage you to continue post in the Q&A thread, however, as the Community team may be able to provide you with further information from the developers on the subject. Although not all questions will be answered directly in the Q&A blog, hot issues such as these are still at the attention of developers.

We sincerely thank you for your support and passion for this game and BioWare. There is a lot to look forward to in the next update, and same gender romance is a future aspect of the game that our developers are currently working on.
This isn't stock writing. It is good customer service writing, certainly, but it is also substantive.

One, she told me flat out that the topic of same-gender content is not something waiting for someone to notice it. It is being explored right now. We may reasonably suppose that regardless of what they are not willing to say, they are reading what we have to say.

Secondly, again while she cannot promise a reply this or any other week, I was encouraged to continue to ask in the Q&A thread. My email went out last Friday, after we had two Q&A replies without any answer. But the reply came today, the day after they had finished up this week's Q&A thread for consideration.

So no - they are not asking us not to ask, even if some community members here have seemed a little upset at our persistence.

Thirdly, even if they aren't answering this week, having spoken up has demonstrated plainly that this content has a lot of player interest. It's good to know that we do in fact have their attention.

And while she couldn't promise we will see an answer in the Q&A blog, neither did she say it isn't going to happen. In fact, she said that it's something they may answer.

Finally, for the second time (I forget who mentioned it before, maybe jediknightcub) an email from CS has stated in so many words that same gender content is currently in development. So it isn't something that is on the back-burner waiting for a slow stretch in the studio. Same-gender content is being worked on now.

Good news, I think, even if we don't hear anything more this Friday. It has not been abandoned, it is currently in the works, and yes they certainly have noticed that it is something that matters to a fair number of players.

and EDIT to reply to a post above:

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