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Absolutely! You're welcome!

I agree with your general overview in stating that you miss 2.0 Watchman Sentinel/Annihilation Marauder. That was my favorite as well. It was when it truly shined. Where you stated that I want to make less impactful decisions to PvE, you are incorrect. You stated yourself that you are more of a PvP oriented player. While I have done both for the amount of time that this game has existed. In Arena, Bloodlust/Inspiration works really well and keeps your team alive those extra couple ticks so you can defeat the enemy team. Self-healing applied with DoT's is the most single most important piece of the Watchman/Annihilation framework. Whereas the other two Sentinel/Marauder Combat styles do not have this capability and shouldn't.

However, I'm starting to notice a trend in this forum of a lot of people wanting Annihilation/Watchman to work similarly to the other two Sentinel Combat Styles. Since Beta and even after, any time a change was made to the Sentinel class, one of two things would happen. Either one, Watchman/Annihilation would be OP or the other two combat styles would be OP while Watchman Annihilation suffered. Each time, people in each camp would freak out until eventually there stopped being people in the Watchman/Annihilation camp. I stayed in the Watchman camp because I have always enjoyed this particular Combat Style the most out of any other. What I'm proposing is to specifically manipulate the Combat Style specific abilities, instead of manipulating every ability across the board. If we are pruning abilities, then we should start by getting rid of basic abilities and keeping abilities that are Combat Style specific. I stated in my last post as well that each and every combat style should be mutually specific and not rely on each other in a positive or negative way.

Again. Watchman/Annihilation Combat styles should NOT feel bursty, they shouldn't feel like the other Sentinel/Marauder Combat Styles. When you play Watchman/Annihilation, it should feel like a finesse dual one on one like Count Dooku or Ventress. Picking your openings and wittling down your opponent until they are down. It should feel like you can stay alive in the fray because of your self-healing capabilities. This a DoT/self-healing specialization and should feel like that. The other two combat styles are burst, therefore the 3 styles should not be handled in the same way.

Please refer to my other posts in regards to this Combat Style. Thank you for your time and thank you to the Devs for caring about this game as much as we do!