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Greetings! Here are some notes related to operations changes contained within this last PTS update

Refresh Notes:

Nature of Progress Operation

All Modes
  • CI-Synapse Accelerator Serum (more commonly known as "The Stims"):
    • Use of CI-Synapse Accelerator Serum stims is now instant with a 0.8s GCD (previously it was a 0.5s cast with a 1.0s CD).
    • Appearances and VFX related to stim usage have been updated:
      • There is now a different use animation for self-use versus other-use.
      • There are now different visuals for the single versus the double dose buff.
      • There is now a separate effect on the character for the Overloaded debuff, and a red shatter FX for overdose death.
  • Reaching 100 stacks of tired is now fatal.
  • Unlocking of the elevator at the top of Spaceport Access Stairwell A is now tied to the defeat of a new pull of Trandoshans located at the top of the stairs.

All Modes
  • Derpridic Blooms no longer have collision.
  • Fixed the seemingly random invisible LOS blocks dotted around Red's encounter area.

Breach CI-004
All Modes
  • Lake Crabs should now properly reset when the Breach CI-004 event is reset (previously, a crab would never spawn again after it had been spawned the first time, even if the event was reset)
  • Remaining Flares and Stims will be removed when the Breach CI-004 event is completed.
  • Warden droids now play beam FX to the console(s) whose use they are locking.

Story Mode
  • Reduced the maximum range of the Lake Crab's Tongue Yoink ability from 40m to 15m in Story Mode

Veteran Mode
  • Reaper health has been increased

Super Mutant Trandoshan Action Squad GX: Shining Hunter Force of Justice Brigade
Musco note: This is not the real name

All Modes
  • Players will no longer take falling damage when jumping down into the Evolutionary Warfare Mutagen Lab
  • Reduced the additional damage taken by the Trandoshans from Death Pact (Was 5/25/100, is now 5/10/15).

The Huntmaster

All Modes
  • Players will no longer take falling damage when jumping down into the Combat Iteration Testing Arena
  • Players should no longer be held in combat in some cases after the Huntmaster is defeated.
  • Increased range on Huntmaster's default ranged attack to 100m
  • The Deliberate Charger now has interrupt immunity
  • The Deliberate Charger will now ignore the Huntmaster as a target after breaking the Fortress shield, and entertain the players instead.
  • Adjusted the Deliberate Charge "Arrow Parade" target indicator to not fade until much closer to the target, so that it's easier for the target to see regardless of their camera position and zoom.
  • The Huntmaster will no longer shoot after retreated beasts quite so tenaciously when a new Light Point appears.
  • Incendiary Grenade now produces a red text callout with the target's name.
  • Encounters leading up to the Huntmaster should no longer spawn when restarting the phase with a Huntmaster defeated lockout.
  • The Huntmaster's holdout radius is now colored "rorange" to helpfully suggest that standing within it is a very bad idea.
  • Fixed a bug where the visually displayed radius of the Huntmaster's Holdout position was slightly smaller than the effective radius.

Story Mode
  • Incendiary Grenade's channel time increased from 3.0s -> 4.5s to give story mode players a little more time to notice and react.

Apex Vanguard

All Modes
  • Fixed a bug causing the Apex Vanguard's melee attack to do 25% less damage than intended.
  • Zone Defense's maximum ranged increased from 30m to 40m.
  • Fixed an edge case where the Apex Vanguard wouldn't ever start up Darkness Overdrive if brought below 85% health before ever removing the battery.
  • Attempting to use a station without sufficient battery charge will now broadcast an "insufficient battery charge" error to the raid.
  • The Battery Carrier no longer magically becomes untired whenever they plug the battery into a socket.

Veteran Mode
  • Added colored pips to the flare station's overhead sign that convey the status of the three flare manufacturing slots. Known issue: These pips are only visible if your camera is within ~75m of the sign.
  • Missile damage increased ~40%
  • Stim station now produces a red text message when it shuts down due to the battery having been removed (to help clarify that the stim station keeps going so long as the battery is left in)
  • Increased the rate of tired gain in Veteran mode by 50% (1 per 3s -> 1 per 2s). Tired is still lost at the same rate (1 per 6s)
  • Fixed an issue preventing the Apex Vanguard from entering its final phase
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