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09.22.2012 , 01:52 PM | #1
So now we know why the new raid tier is getting jipped on new armor sets.

Q: What kind of things can we expect to see in the Cartel Coin shop.

Really cool mounts, cool pets, some gearsets (not impactful to endgame) that help players as they level up. The gear you will find will be interesting to everyone because it is not going to be restricted by class or by faction and all moddable. The gear you purchase in the CC shop is hopefully something you will be able to use for a class you got.

We also have a really cool thing called Cartel packs. Cartel packs you buy give you a random assortment of really cool items and a chance to get some of the cooler items that maybe in the game (not powerful, but very cool they going to make you look AMAZING!)
Essentially art time got put into these gambling boxes and thus we have no new armor tier. For those unfamiliar with F2P these will be gambling boxes where the items you want are extremely rare. It's essentially unregulated gambling (much worse odds than Vegas for instance).