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I just finished the final trooper quest on Taris. Your goal is to find the traitorous squad member Needles and stop his rakghouls experiments.


So my question here is did I miss something important or is this a plot thread that is explained in another class's storyline?
I think the Nekghouls have some connection with the Evolved Rakghoul Plague that was covered in the Rise of the Rakghouls mission arc (Trouble in the Tion Hegemony). Dr Sannus Lorik, an exiled Tionese scientist living on Ord Mantell, developed it so that victims had a high likelihood of maintaining some level of sentience and were less mutated and more capable of using weapons. His goal was to create a rakghoul army he could control and use to get revenge on the ppl who exiled him. He then sent shipments of rakghouls infected with this plague to various planets mostly in the Tion Hegemony but also others like Tatooine, Alderaan, and Corellia where they spread further and this was covered in the Rakghoul event story (there's a wrecked ship on Tatooine where you uncover this for the codex). I have a feeling that in the very least, Dr Lorik obtained material from his work that involved the Nekghouls although unlike Needles he wasn't aligned with the Empire so there isn't an immediate connection to him shown. The original Nekghouls on Taris most likely evolved through the Force. They were taught the ways of the Force by the holocron of Bay-Yon Su, a long-dead Jedi who was part of the Taris Jedi enclave and whose holocron ended up in the reactor or was discovered by the Nekghouls