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I think I have a problem.

I created my (female) Sith Sorcerer with the intention of playing her as an asexual character. Then, once I'd left Korriban, I started basically roleplaying that she is in love with Lord Zash, but doesn't know how to express it. I figured betrayal is inevitable, so that could be pretty interesting. That works.

But now I just picked up Andronikos, and he's fantastic. (And he's Wolverine.) And... the urge to flirt with him is overwhelming. '-'
She has her eyes on Zash, then Andronikus comes around, and he's so yummy and fantastic, that maybe she's wanting to see where this goes (if anywhere) untill she either decides Andronikus is the one, or that no, she'll wait untill she has the nerve ('s implemented in game) or to say something or Zash (again when it's implemented in game) says something.

But now your post makes me want to have them make Zash become a future possible companion, even tho I think my SI is happy with Androkinus, cause I'd just like the option in there now.