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Note: the following is based upon my LS Smuggler character and two of my 3 favorite companions. It is in no wise a reflection on how others might have this unfold or upon any future possible BW plans.

Theron Shan and Lana Beniko along with Alliance commander Ol Buzzard are traveling in a new custom built small but very well armed and maneuverable ship. Lana and Theron are currently seated in an area adjacent to the command / cockpit area watching scanning instruments as well as observation ports to either side of their seats.

Theron Shan: " I've no idea, Lana, how he came across the lead for this odd piece of real estate !! Just for the record: from the looks of things just navigating the scattered pieces of rock in this small asteroid belt ... I'm almost surprised we haven't been attacked!!"

Lana: ATTACKED ?? By whom?

Theron: "No one in particular. Just saying this is a good place as any for an ambush. This area is pretty much unknown to most everyone! And if I were setting a trap just to see who would show up to spring it ... this is as good as it gets !!"

Lana: "Which makes it what ? I feel so much better now !!"

Ol Buzzard ( sitting in the primary cockpit, pilot seat ) : " OK you two ... chill !! We're almost there! Look at it like a chance to get away from the everyday grind !! Lana ... you've often talked about quietness and meditation. Besides ... how can either of you not notice that view of that distant nova !! "

Theron: "Got you there Lana !! On BOTH counts !!"

Lana: "On that part you may be right! The force does seem peaceful here !! And part of the view from a certain well placed vantage point could be breath taking".

Ol Buzzard: " OK Lana .. I'm turning the controls over to you ! Theron you help Lana keep an eye out for trouble. I'm using the airlock from that extended arm to enter the station. If there are any booby traps I'm more inclined to believe that they would be in that small docking bay at the bottom: NOT this remote access arm !
Give me a couple minutes to get into an EVA suit! Everything inside of that space station is shut down ... well ALMOST everything !!"

[/finishes snapping the last piece of an EVA suit into place].

Lana (looking concerned) : How well do you know your source regarding this station? How is it we've never heard anything about it before ? It's going to be pitch black over there !!

Theron: "Checking coms"

Lana ( a bit frustrated ) : "Are you ignoring me ?"

Ol Buzzard: " Good to go!" [/switches on lights on either side of helmet ]. " It's going to be pitch black inside. Power to the station is on total black out ... aside from a few maneuvering thrusters to keep it out of the asteroids near by. All power is at a VERY minimal. I'll have to initiate a basic start up sequence just to get environmental controls activated".

As Ol Buzzard turns toward the airlock he glances to Lana just before entering and simply smiles !!

Lana: " I don't have to tell you to be careful!! I'd hate to see our plans for the evening disrupted ! "

Theron ( placing a hand over his heart) : " So touching ... such genuine concern !!"

Ol Buzzard using a series of manually operated levers and handles opens the door to the air lock and closes the door behind him resealing it a familiar hissing sound is herd and the door is sealed and the chamber is pressurized. Walking through the short passage the process is repeated and access to the passage way to the rest of the space station is secured !!

Ol Buzzard: " Really Theron ??" *** Sigh ** What makes you think I don't think the same way ?"

Ol Buzzard makes his way through the remote access arm into a more secure part of the stations structure.

Ol Buzzard: "OK ! I'm through the first set of airlocks ... and I'm about to leave the stations remote access arm and enter the outer perimeter of the secondary hull. It's so dark in here that without the lights on this suit I bet I couldn't see my hand in front of my face !!"

Theron: " Well ...I guess that explains a few things !! "

Lana : (smiling ) ... "Good grief Theron ... Next time invite Tina !"

Ol Buzzard: "Tina?"

Lana: "The new girl from the new department in the Republic."

Ol Buzzard: "What new department?"

Theron: "The ones whom I've been in contact with and helping with new recruits !! OH and Lana: She's seeing someone!"

Ol Buzzard: "REALLY?? Do we need to discuss this RIGHT NOW? What new recruits ... for what department ??"

Theron: ( somewhat toung and cheek) "Don't look at me... I didn't start it !! "

Lana: "Did so !!"

Theron: " Did NOT !! "

Lana: " YES you did !!"

Theron: "EXCUSE ME ???"

Ol Buzzard: " HEY !! "

Lana: "Did so!!"

Ol Buzzard: " Mumbles to himself"

Lana: "Sorry dear ... you're breaking up !! What was that?"

Ol Buzzard: " Sounds like the coms is working just fine !! ... Now if I can just gain access to the corridor without any complications I should be able to have access to the central core ... eventually!!"

Lana: " What do you mean EVENTUALLY? There was no discussion about EVENTUALLY ?"


Personal note: Maybe someday we will have access to the station: EVENTUALLY !!!

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