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In the new mission "Relentless Ambitions," several characters are wearing their default outfits instead of what they are equipped with.

In the first cutscene, Theron, Lana, and Shae Vizla are wearing their default gear/customizations, despite what they are equipped with as companions. The cutscene is most likely using NPC models instead of the companion models.

Furthermore, in the second cutscene, Zenith is wearing his default gear from the base game instead of the Silent Ghost recolor like he did in his "Conflicting Priorities" hologram. He does, however, wear the Silent Ghost recolor in the Imperial version of the cutscene. Besides wearing his outdated original outfit in the Republic version of the cutscene, he also wears it as a returned companion for the Jedi Consular. I don't think he's supposed to be wearing his original gear in cutscenes, or as a companion; rather, he should continue wearing the Silent Ghost recolor.
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