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ok. I'm a bad sent/mara. but that's just b/c I'm bad with muscle memory. I'm playing it in regs and trying to put together a fearless set (just got my 4s, so I'm wearing it instead of 6pcs victor for the first time). anyway...I know how and why and what to do with fury, and is very good.

you should not ever have resource management issues with fury. you almost never need to zealous strike if you play it right. you should take the 30s transcend so that stacks are used exclusively for zen. between the normal building of stacks through your regular attacks and the automatic full stacks you get every (1min? 2min?) you shouldn't even need to think about generating focus/rage.

especially with bladestorm generating it, getting it back with dispatch, and generating it with leap (you'll want to take the talent to use dispatch on obfuscated targets and buff it with clarity). you might very rarely need to zealous or fill a gcd with auto attack. I understand that sent/mara is more difficult and there are a lot more buttons to push on a regular basis vs. rage jugg (bear in mind rage jugg is 2nd only to arsenal in simplicity). but there's always something meaningful to attack with, and it's never more than 1 gcd away.

edit: re-veng immunities, they needed the immunities to CC more b/c it took them time to ramp up damage. the bursty rage spec has always had burst dmg on hand immediately (much like AP PT in the current meta).
Even if I decide to unsub, I still have around 14 days left before the recurring kicks, I'll try to learn marauder better and see what the fuzz is about. I mean, I didn't like it much, but I guess it's better than being a punching-bag with Jugg, or being forced to tank (S-level hard) when I barely have patience to learn new specs. - 7 days free subscription. And cookies.