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If you are having any kind of GFX issues there's a number of possible causes and hopefully fixes that can be applied. This is not a thread to discuss the many 'how' and 'why' you might be having issues, but rather to compile the few threads and bits of info that might actually help you.

Please note that not ALL the listed 'fixes' are guaranteed to work for you or improve your performance, however all things listed have helped others.

1. Check out the official Support thread

See this official thread in the Support section to begin with.


2. Update your video card drivers

At time of posting neither Nvidia or AMD have released drivers that specifically address SWTOR but keep an eye on the relevant driver site for more info.

For AMD/ATI cards please use this link.

For Nvidia cards please use this link. Latest Nvidia drivers should have an SLI profile for those who are interested.


3. Install DirectX 9.0c (if not already present)

This will NOT override your existing DX10/11 rather it will install DX9.0c as well which may improve your performance. It certainly doesn't hurt.

You can download it here.

Alternative link here


4. Use the RAMdrive trick

Not for the faint of heart or IT illiterate, you do this at your own risk.

See this thread for a full explanation and some helpful script bundles to make it easier on you.


5. Lower your settings

Yes, if your system is not above the recommended specifications it might be worthwhile lowering those settings a bit, at least until better drivers/more patches are released.


Lastly, if none of these help in the first instance, play around with your settings (though back up your current settings). Each PC system is different and will, to some extent, behave differently to settings. If your aim is to play Ilum 20v20 pvp in glorious 60 FPS then perhaps that's a dream right now, some people have reported it's possibles, many others say they can't. If that's your main play area in the game there may be little else to do but wait, or maybe enjoy the other 99% of the game that (hopefully) doesn't lag.

Happy to add more tips if anyone has others.