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Yeah... in general, the PvP segment of the MMO population now days are among the most needy and demanding. They no longer seem to be able to self-organize and go out and do PvP for PvP sake. Most are only in it for the rewards these days. And yes PvPers, this is a broad generalization and I am sure there are still some mature and well adjusted PvPers playing MMOs... but they seem to do so quietly and without the need to spam jello all over the forum floors at every perceived sleight by a studio. The vocal discontented give this facet of the genre a bad name IMO, which is too bad because I have known some really great PvP players and guilds in MMOs over the years.

I miss the old days when PvP was about realm and guild pride and putting it over on the other realms (a la DAoC). That was PvP worth doing.. and there were no rewards other then realm and guild pride of accomplishment.
Very, very well said.

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