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PvP was a huge factor in SWTORs development cycle.
The limited weapon choice is a remnant of the Devs wanting Advanced Class to be visually represented (as was the original intent to have very specific armour sets before the roll out of adaptive armour sets.).
A lot of the balancing of abilities still seems to focus on the PvP pass rather than the PvE mechanics.

A big part of the trouble with MMOs is they feel the need to force one set of mechanics on every game style. The best solution to this quandary in my opinion would be to break away from that mould and have separate mechanics for the different elements of the game and develop a more modular structure.
Share the core art assets but develop separate engines and games that link back into a central social hub, branch out some mini-games to gaming on tablets/mobiles so that there is always a point of contact with the player base.
Yeah. This MMO during development wanted to be all things to all people. Unrealistic, IMO, no matter how much time, talent, and money you have. And history has certainly validated my opinion on this.

PvE and PvP design really do not mix well in MMOs IMO. Heck even in DAoC, they did not mix well, and players ALWAYS complained about class balance issues and flavor of the month syndrome. But that game was about PvE to get ready for and prosecute PvP between realms, so the collision of wants and needs between PvE and PvP were somewhat limited.

I think MMOs, in general, will evolve to smaller niche properties, and even then... people will rail on this because what they want is one game that meets all their needs. Niche MMOs can focus on being really well deployed for a smaller number of MMO player interests. It also means an end to the attempt to make any given MMO all things to all people (which has been a disaster in the industry over the last decade IMO).
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