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I find it comical that people flame on the forums that they can't get in, and because they pre-ordered the expect to get in 1st thing on the day early access begins.

If you read the posts that started several weeks ago, they explained how the pre-launch would work, and that not everyone would get in the 1st day.

This is not launch day...launch day is the 20th, this is a privilege for those fans that pre-ordered.

If you get in 1 day before official launch, it is still a privilege. Be happy with what you get, or just play on launch like the rest.

Sry...hate seeing 400 threads about the same complaints.

Can't wait for the opportunity to get in myself
This IS launch day. Servers are going live the 13th. That they officially say something else, does not change the fact that SWTOR was launched Dec 13.

Either game is not launched, or it is launched, the inbetweens is just developers/publishers doing word-plays.

SWTOR is LIVE & Launched, EOD.