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Well, to explain my thought - I don't want to accidentally buy the scammer's listing.

I'm talking about people who sell cartel packs for 900 million or something, hoping someone won't pay attention and buy that instead of the hypercrate. Yeah sorry, I'd rather not see that person's listings at all.
That's not a scammer.....that's your fault for not looking at the list properly. A person that does that, and it works is an opportunist, and to be honest, they have big kahunas lol.

I've never bought anything for too much, because I always check. I've bought things that were way below price, as the person mispriced or wanted to sell quickly, now if this person was on my ignore list, and you got your wish, I would have never profited from that.

Alternatively I have listed stuff and lower prices by mistake, including some real expensive stuff (forgetting a zero, or two) but you can bet whoever got it wouldn't have cared if I was on their ignore list, or vice versa, they scored big. It happens, it's a lesson, don't play the gtn when tired, or after a few
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