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09.14.2021 , 08:05 AM | #12
I'm so sick of "Is it canon, or not" discussion. Why would you want SWTOR to go full cannon? Good stories are good stories. If you're enjoying it that is all that should matter. Also the new Disney cannon isn't exactly all that great. I remember they made big buzz about how all their new stories would be consistent and work with each other and their main trilogy of films couldn't even be consistent with itself, not to mention all the conflicts with their new stories. The Mandalorian contradicted some things from the Aftermath books. George Lucas(who always maintained the entire EU was in an alternate universe) in a recent interview even said there were no Jedi vs Sith wars which The Old Republic era of Star Wars is all about.

At this point I treat The Old Republic era as being in it's own universe separate from the official canon. There are far less limitations on it's story telling that way like how there technically shouldn't be any Sith Force ghosts, but SWTOR is full of them. Also it's just less stressful when you don't have to worry about something being cannon. I'm enjoying this game and it's stories regardless if it is cannon, or not.