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Greetings, Briazia!

<The Republic Alliance> & <The Imperial Allegiance> (RAIA) is recruiting active players to learn, enjoy, and progress in challenging endgame multiplayer content in weekly events and teams! Please visit the RAIA website to review detailed information about our guild mission, vision, principles, history, activity, benefits, culture, expectations, communication, events, teams, requirements, policies, how to join, and more. If necessary, please send me a direct message in Discord to ask any unanswered questions.


Ignatiatus, Guild Leader of <The Republic Alliance> & <The Imperial Allegiance> (RAIA)

Mission Statement:
  • <The Republic Alliance> & <The Imperial Allegiance> (RAIA) is one guild in Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) on the Star Forge server whose mission is to enable respectful and loyal guild members to enjoy multiplayer content and multiplayer objectives in an active, established, and endgame-focused guild.

Vision Statement:
  • <The Republic Alliance> & <The Imperial Allegiance> (RAIA) strives to develop guild member knowledge and excellent proficiency of challenging endgame multiplayer content via progression teams, veteran player mentorship, and weekly educational events in Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR).

  • 1900+ guild member characters among both guild factions.
  • 150+ qualifying accounts (subscribed players) in both guild factions.
  • 30+ daily logins from unique qualifying accounts (subscribed players).
  • 6+ weekly scheduled guild events for learning endgame multiplayer content.
  • 4+ weekly scheduled guild teams for progressing in endgame multiplayer content.
  • 2+ monthly scheduled guild events for completing unique and challenging objectives.

How to Join RAIA:
Ignatiatus / Ignatiatum (Iggy)
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Guild Leader of The Republic Alliance & The Imperial Allegiance (RAIA)