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I really don't get why you're so offended to keep harping on the point. I was never talking about ending the game in the first place. I was talking about the ending of the Eternal Throne story.
That's not clear from your initial post. The thing you specifically said in your initial post didn't make sense based on the current state of the game. That's why I replied because what you were saying didn't read like an alternative to the existing story but instead something that has yet to have happened.

Most of what people have said in the thread thus far has been instead of going left I went right. What you posted reads like "instead of going left I hid from all the cameras while a volcano erupted where me and my dragon soared into the sky together!" and it's like ***? How did you get there?

Note how I didn't reply to anyone else's story choices but yours. I don't mind people having different story wants/desires from my own yours specifically however didn't make sense the way you posted it.

Quote: Originally Posted by Hadsil View Post
I was talking about the ending of the Eternal Throne story. Every class gets its own story. The only common thing is you defeat Arcann and Vaylin. The Eternal Fleet is destroyed in that story ending. You get promoted in your faction per your Class. No more Alliance. No more Galactic Commander. That is the story that's done, not the game as a whole.
That's what you should have posted. That is clear. That is understandable. What you posted however comes across more like where you want the story to go or be at rather than an alternative story choice.

"What in original class or KOTFE/KOTET story would you have happen differently ?"

"I want class stories to come back!"

That's kind of how your initial post reads. It doesn't really feel like it applies to the topic specifically so much as what you want out of the game in general.