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Yeah, the salient point here is how many MMOs have had expansions get delayed 1 week before their release dates.
Yup, this is half of what stinks here. I'm sure such last minute delays have happened before though. I'm much less sure if there has ever been last minute delays of TWO MONTHS though. These things happening to a three week old release date? That's where we reach the twilight zone. It is this sum of all parts that I claim has never happened before in history of MMO expansions.

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Try again... there sure has and THIS year too....


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He also said any other MMO Expansion - that means "any other MMO" - not just this game.
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You'd think they would get out from under the rock they are living under and actually look around for once.
It is so crazy to me how you guys happily argue others without even reading their posts. What I said is super simple, this can't be the case of misunderstanding stuff. Its literally you not even reading the two line quote you disagree with properly.