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Whereas I am the opposite, the last time I stopped playing was because of the gearing, as a solo player it takes forever to get stuff, and then having to take stuff I did not want just because it was slightly better is what put me off.

That is why I got fed up and crafted armourings, mods, enhancements, and relics rated 296.
Except that, as you found, when you get to about that point, getting the next level becomes unreasonably expensive in materials because of the low schematic learning rate.

On the other hand, I found that it really didn't take all that long to get 306-weight stuff. Play things you like, gather gear from e.g. solo FPs, deconstruct the stuff that isn't an improvement, earn your 50K conquest for conquest crates, etc. and accumulate Tech Frags for the middle vendor in the second-to-last bay on the Fleet. That vendor sells random stuff that's always better than your average(1) - buy for the worst slot you have to increase your average.

(1) Well, until you reach 306, obviously.
Something you find difficult is a lesson on how to play better, not a punishment for playing badly.
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