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Hi folks,

We wanted to give you an early heads up about a change we’re making in the upcoming game update 6.3.

Previously, the refund timer for items purchased off of a vendor only counted down while that character was in-game. As of the 6.3 update, this will change to real time. What this means is if you purchase an item off of a vendor, and that item has a refund timer on it, the timer will count down whether that character is logged in or not.

This is in-line with how the current timer for Cartel Market items works. The ability to exchange items looted between party members in Flashpoints and Operations, which also uses a timer, will not change and count down via in-game time only.

The reason behind this change is we observed some unintended behavior where the mechanics of the refund timer were being used to store more resources than intended by limits intentionally set in order to balance the game economy’s inflows and outflows.

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