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06.21.2018 , 07:15 AM | #8157
Quinn Treats™

Official posting for Quinn things we want to see in future swtor updates. Please feel free to make suggestions and I will add them so long as they can realistically be put into the game (sorry all you "holosuite starring Quinn" people )

  1. Malavai Quinn commemorative statue! Having him stand in his original hands-clasped-behind-back pose would be excellent
  2. Make Iokath re-playable and fix it so all Quinn's various customisations are visible during cut scenes (Cyborg Quinn and various other race versions of Quinn are important for our video continuity - some people have avoided Iokath because of this)
  3. Quinn Specs customisation
  4. Give Quinn his full nameplate of Major Malavai Quinn
  5. Acknowledgement in any future story that Quinn & his warrior are MARRIED for those who married Quinn
  6. Inclusion in future story with Quinn commenting, romance conversations, ability to chose Quinn to accompany us on quests/missions
  7. Make Quinn a same-sex romance or at the very least romanceable/a love interest for male character warriors
  8. If Quinn leaves the Empire to join his Empress WIFE he should have the title Consort or Prince (this one is not realistic but still )