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I'm so glad I'm not part of the 'too cool to be excited about anything' generation.
So much this. It's telling that those trying to muster cool cred cant even string a substantive sentence together on why it "doesnt feel like a star wars movie".

I went to see Ep IV when I was 10 years old and this movie brought all those feelings right back again. A New Hope remains my favourite Star Wars movie, because of how it changed my life, and Force Awakens has come along during a particularly difficult time in my life and I honestly felt like that 10yr old all over again. Which is pretty remarkable, and something I will never forget.
I was too little for Ep IV, but remember Empire in the theatre - the wampa scaring me, the thrill of the AT-AT's, seeing Yoda. This brought those feelings back as well. The dialogue was easily the best of any of the films possibly barring Empire, the effects a great blend of practical and digital, and a stellar performance out of Harrison Ford. After Crystal Skull, I was worried he just wouldnt give a damn, or worse, look tired and old. Nothing to fear on that count! Rey, Finn and Poe are great additions, and I'm sorry to those who hate levity in anything, but BB-8 was cute as hell.

Great movie, great Star Wars movie. I guess avoid if you're a joy-less sad sack drowning in hipster irony.