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Hey folks,

As many of you know, there are changes coming to Commendations in 3.0. I talked about this a little bit previously, here, and one thing that came from that post were more questions. I thought I would make a one stop-shop post on Commendations in 3.0 and what would happen to them, so here we go!
  • All Basic, Classic, Planetary, Elite, and Ultimate Commendations that you have will become Basic Commendations. more on this below
  • The Commendation types "Classic" and "Planetary" are being removed from the game.
  • Warzone and Ranked Warzone Commendations are remaining exactly as they are now, and any Commendations you have will carry over to 3.0.
  • *Important* Any items that you have purchased prior to 3.0 that have a refund timer will become bound to you with the 3.0 update.
Quick note on all of the PvE Commendations collapsing into Basic. The conversion rate of each Commendation will vary, both above and below 1:1 most likely. We are still working out exactly what those conversion rates are but I will get you that info before 3.0. I know one of the concerns is what the Basic Commendation cap will become. The plan right now is that the cap will remain 1,000, however, when the conversions happen in 3.0 we will allow that number to go higher, temporarily.

Once we nail down those exact numbers I will let you know so you can plan accordingly. Thanks everyone.

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