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11.04.2014 , 11:38 AM | #5275
So here I am giving it a go instead of doing serious stuff I'm supposed to do. And I have like 30 pages of your work to catch up with!

I can't remember the prompt but it was one making fun of game mechanics - I have a fond memory of DomiSotto's story about the Sith warrior and Malavai Quinn spying on the trooper with Aric collecting bulbs. And something else with a little droid in the mail...

I had the idea ages ago but felt like participating today.

Title: Fire & Forget (For what it's worth)
Prompt: ? (Making fun of game mechanics)
Characters: Deckaard, arsenal mercenary; Mako, Gault
Setting: Nar Shaddaa, inside the docked Mantis .
Spoilers: Who the Bounty hunter companions are, a minor allusion to an oddity within the Great Hunt.
Also a tiny hint at grown-up occupations lol...

[Edited/added a few things.]