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Okay, I'm very late on my reading/commenting, but I finally have something to post that's prompt-related (though I have discovered the Nightmares/dreams prompt my one story could have fit into)

Prompt 1: - Canned Response - When we click on our companions, they give us one of a set of responses. Unfortunately, that's all the endgame interaction we get with them - but let's make the best of it! Pick a phrase (one or more) a favored companion says to you and write a fic around why they are saying it. Suggested by Morgani.
+ a bit of
Prompt 2: - Laughing Fit
Title: "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow"
Characters: Kenobewan (Jedi Knight), Kira, Doc, T7, C2N2
Spoilers: none really (who the first three companions are), a couple minced oaths


Author Note: