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Sure - although ultimately they all end up in the same place, so I'll start there. The lead guy for all community relations that is, the liason between the player community and the studio is the Community Manager, Joveth Gonzalez. You can send him a private message from his profile page, which I have linked from his name, above. If you want to email Joveth, that's

However, it seems that relaying info from the Devs to the forums in particular is part of Allison Berryman's specific responsibility. She's been known to reply to us at least in the "sorry, I have nothing new for you" vein, by PM. I have never had an email from her directly, but you can send a private message from her profile page (linked).

To send an email to the Community Team in general, the email is I presume this would have to be escalated at least to Allison before it could be replied to with anything other than Stephen Reid's statement from last September, by now nearly an institution in itself.

You can also keep abreast of (and sass back at) SWTOR on Twitter at @SWTOR. Some of the studio regulars, including Joveth, tweet. @HallHood is where we received the non-confirmation confirmation of Gabe Amatangelo's interview remarks associating SGRs with Makeb. SWTOR also has an official presence on Facebook (link). Although I have never known wall posts there to generate any direct reply, they are presumably read.

That about exhausts direct, instant, electronic approaches, all funnelled through the folks who seem to not be able to tell us anything right now. I think it is strongly preferred that we route any enquiries through these channels.

To climb the ladder, however, the best I can find is an actual, physical mailing address, to which one may direct correspondence in the charming, old-world style of ink on paper, sent in an envelope through the post. The Grand Poobah of BioWare Austin seems to be General Manager Matt Bromberg. If my info is current, the Executive Producer for SWTOR is Jeff Hickman. Presumably one or the other have the weight to approve information for release to the community. The mailing address is

BioWare Austin
3100 Esperanza Crossing Ste 110
Austin, TX 78758

telephone: (512) 382-8682

I haven't actually contacted either of these gentlemen, though both have talked about SWTOR in interviews with sites like IGN. As far as this game and studio go, that's probably the top floor. Beyond that, all I can recommend is prayer.