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Quote: Originally Posted by Lord_Karsk View Post
Very nice, and grats to Eric Musco. You came along way from hosting the Torocast podcast.
And you sure know how to talk fast,and you understand gaming on a high lvl.

Thank you for the kind words. I assure you that in my new role, the speed at which I speak will remain speedily intact!

Quote: Originally Posted by QuickBunnie View Post
Will the community changes affect your events that are being planned? Since fans would need to buy tickets ahead of time, it would be nice to get a quick update if there were any changes.

Specifically, it was implied by David Bass and Stephen Reid that they were going to try to make the SW:TOR event at Star Wars: Celebration VI the 'big' event for the trade show season. Is this still the goal of the community team? Is it still an official SWTOR event?

Thanks for your update.

The events that were in David’s capable hands definitely still remain! You can look forward to seeing SWTOR at both San Diego Comic-con and Star Wars Celebration later this year. If I may steal your words, it is definitely the goal of the Community team that Star Wars: Celebration VI will be the ‘big’ event for the trade show season!
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